3D glass 

Core of our watches, Magellan 3D glass passes through five major steps during a 6 months long process , during which one Magellan glass is handled by water injections to give it its perfect convex shape.

Such technical, long and meticulous process makes of Magellan’s sapphire glass dome the most expensive one set up on a timepiece.

_YK_5371 _YK_5375  


A specific 3D watch calls a specific movement.

Modified in-house in the Vallée de Joux to suit the 3D shape, the elaboration of a Magellan’s movement requires a subtle know-how, performed with the expertise of meticulous hands.

 IMG_2393 IMG_2389



Each Magellan watch shines by its uniqueness.

A microscope and 20 working hours are required by our miniaturists to complete a single one hand-painted globe.

The finest hand-painting work for a unique experience on the wrist.

IMG_1995 IMG_1990


Worried about the quality of our watches, Magellan traveled all the way up through Italy to the bakes del Lago di Arignano, to offer the finest italian hand-made leather strap.

IMG_0058 IMG_0050